Saturday, 21 January 2017

Parrot on my Shoulder

Forget talking like a pirate which only happens in September, today being a pirate was the call of the day. Yesterday we were supposed to have a pizza evening at Robynne and Marco’s place but there was a shooting incident at the corners of Witkoppen and Douglas which caused a traffic snarl up so pizza evening was postponed to today. Pizza had somehow changed to a wors roll braai, not that we don’t mind wors rolls, but somehow it brought the pirate out in us.

Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrgh, is that a parrot on my shoulder or are you just happy to see me, meisiekind? Yes strange as it sounds, the parrot on my shoulder turned out to be a dog called Meisiekind. First mate Rebekah and matey, I think we should attack that scuttle that scallywag Lynda.

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