Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Fashion Sandwiches

Interesting a friend of mine, Heather, wrote an article on her blog, 2 Summers, some time back that the fashion sandwich (shown above) is an South African phenomenon and from all her travels never came across the lowly sushi fashion sandwich other than here in South Africa. So here I was sitting at Tataki in Boksburg with Matthew enjoying some local sushi when on the conveyor comes this salmon fashion sandwich. My thoughts went straight to Heather’s article, A Good Sushi Restaurant in Joburg. Only in South Africa, uhmmm is this true I wondered as I never went to any other sushi restaurants outside of Johannesburg which means my culinary travels are rather sparse.

Like Heather, I too am not a fan of the fashion sandwich, I love the salmon California hand roll whereas Matthew loves salmon sashimi. Not all sushi restaurants are the same here in Jozi as I judge them on how they make a California hand roll. The old man that used to work here at Tataki was not there. Replaced by a youngster and I am sorry to say Tataki, that his hand rolls was not up to my standard as it was before with the old man.

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