Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Bushveldt Camo

Rushing off to work this morning, I ride past this veld school and one of the learners was wearing civvies which triggered the memory, today I had to bring in a casual shirt for photographs that are needed on our new company’s website.

Oh I don’t think I mentioned it before, but eKayaMedia is changing its name in line with our new strategy of commercialisation. So watch this space, as we roar into success.

Anyways I had to turn around, never mind about being late, a different shirt other than the standard uniform will do me good. Now came the strange problem of “what to wear” which is never a problem before. Rumbling through my closet and the clean washing basket, I finally settled on my Ingress team shirt, the Northern Ninjas, which I know will make me stand out in the bushveldt.

Thanks Ilana for taking this photo of me in my camo shirt as I need now and then a selfie of sorts on my personal blog.


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