Tuesday, 23 August 2016

View of Nothing

I seem to have had a good night’s rest but when I sit up and have something to eat so I can take my meds, the coughing starts as the mucus just runs into my lungs. And the couching is now hurting my lungs as it bangs into my ribs. Oh how I hate this man flu plus it is just bad timing as I have to do a medical for life insurance and all this is not helping one iota.

So as I close my eyes in this medicated state, this is all the view I am allowed. Not great but mid-afternoon, I force myself up, go for a slow stroll in the sun around the garden then a soak in the hot bath and back to bed to this view of nothing which as you can see is not great.

I still don’t feel that these meds are working but oh well I can’t keep on going to the doctors all the time.

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