Monday, 6 June 2016

Last Goodbye

With all the trauma from that vicious attack on Patch by my neighbour’s pack of Jack Russells, the prognoses from the vets at Lammermoor Veterinary Clinic was not good as there was no blood circulation in the back leg which would mean damaged arteries and blood clotting. Because of Patch’s advanced age and the amount of trauma, the vets did not think that Patch would survive a full amputation so they suggested that the best course of action was to say goodbye.

After a lot of heart wrenching deliberation tearing through my mind and listening to many other advice, I thought it best to go see him this afternoon and somehow Patch would let me know what would be the best course of action knowing that in the back of my mind it could be our last goodbye. Trying to finish my work before setting out to Patch, I received a phone call just after 1pm from Alex, one of the vets looking after Patch and he told me that Patch had decided to cross over that rainbow bridge himself. My emotions already very shaky, didn’t hold out as my voice broke and I choked on any words I could say. Patch must have known that this was a hard decision for me to make so he must have made it himself. And I never got to say goodbye, and that how sorry I am for not protecting him enough.

We were already booked to see the Majozi and Monark concert in Pretoria this evening, I was not sure if I should go but I thought it was best for me to go to get my mind back to the living and away from my wildly swinging emotions of heart brokenness and my new hated of Jack Russells but one of Majozi’s songs, Last Goodbye brought all my sadness back to the fore. You can see some of my memories of Patch here RIP Patch 1999 - 2016

Okay I am not sure of exactly how Majozi's lyrics go but I changed it a bit from a father saying goodbye to his daughter on his deathbed to Patch whispering his last goodbye to me even though I didn’t make it to him on time.

Don’t let your love go to waste ‘cause I’ve gone to a different place. But if your heart, if your heart breaks just know that there are always higher stakes.

You are my moonlight oh in the rain and when I am gone I hope you will feel the same. Oh my provider, don’t you cry, this is our last time, our last goodbye.

Come close to me, I want to see your eyes before I leave and say I love you and I can’t believe you chose me. You are the tastiest treat of my eye, I give my life for you I die. Oh my protector don’t you cry, this is our last time, our last goodbye. Our last goodbye.

And as death is anchored on my shore, your light is tethered to my soul. For now I have to let you know this is the last time, our last goodbye.

And when I see Jesus Christ, I know he will greet me with arms stretched wide and he will say he is proud of you and one day we all will be by his side.

And heaven’s gates will take your soul but for now my guardian you must be bold. And heaven’s gates will take your soul but for now my caregiver you must be bold.

Oh my guardian don’t you cry, this aren’t our last time, our last goodbye.


Anonymous said...

May I ask what is happening to the Jack Russell terriers and their owner? The unprovoked attack and the JRT's owner must be punished. I am sorry for your loss. Such a sad way to loose your loved one.

Jerome West said...

The owner of the pack of Jack Russel terriers has denied that his dogs were involved and is shifting the blame else were. I have no witnesses of the attack but after the fact both me and my partner saw blood on one of the JR's muzzle and 2 of the pack have superficial bite marks on them, most likely Patch tried to defend himself.

Previously he has admitted that his JRs could have been involved in the deaths of two of my cats a few weeks back but this is not enough to take any successful legal action. I am looking into other options though and am also trying to safe guard my remaining 2 Italian Greyhounds and our cats.

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