Saturday, 20 February 2016

In Memory of Tony Botha

Today was a sad day but a happy day too. A day were we said goodbye to Peter Anthony Botha or better known to his family and friends as just Tony. Sad that we had to say goodbye to Uncle Tony, but happy to know that he is now spending time with Jesus in heaven playing chess, strumming a few tunes on a heavenly guitar, asking Jesus those difficult questions that we couldn't answer adequately, and just spending time at Jesus' feet listening.

I can't say much about this sad happy day, but I will let Tony himself speak. His last journal entry the day after his 73rd birthday was shared with us and I would like to share it with you. Please let these words just sink in...

"Tonight’s Bible Study at the Methodist Church with 40 other members, Dr B gave us the difficult question of what happens when we die. He touched on biblical, traditional and church interpretations concerning this subject. 

The message left me believing that God’s love and mercy takes centre stage and that death is but a step from finite life into a limitless life everlasting. I believe that during our limited time alive we are constantly faced with choices of conduct, belief, behaviour, faith and habits that determine our way of life, our outlook and perception of what is good and wholesome and what is bad and unacceptable. 

I hope that when I die there will be a judgement seat and a most merciful God with Jesus as my advocate pleading my case for admittance into God’s Kingdom. 

I hope that there will be my family members who died long before me as well as friends to relate to and discuss heavenly things. 

I realize that Bible Study is to strengthen and not detract from one’s faith in God and His church, but I am also concerned that too much study can become problematic and leave more questions than answers. 

For me a life of simplicity and contentment of just sufficient knowledge to live by, faith and love for Jesus is all I require."

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