Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Ice Chick

The Ice Chick has been born, uhmm sounds a little close to the Ice Truck Killer, oh well I better explain where the name Ice Chick comes from.

At Mogale Business Park there is a collection of beautiful wild animals roaming around, and every now and then little ones are born. It has been nearly 4 years since the Blue Cranes procreated, and we were all waiting in anticipation when a pair of Blue Cranes started sitting on a nest at the beginning of the year. With a gestation period of over 30 days, the weather did not cooperate, we had the harshest heat waves followed by huge hail storms which wreaked havoc throughout the area. Fearing the worst, the pair of Blue Cranes stuck it out.

After work I did a detour around to where the Blue Crane nest was as it was about due for the two eggs to hatch. I was horrified to see the nest abandoned and went closer to investigate. With the same anxiety as an expectant father I discovered only one abandoned egg which should mean that maybe one chick hatched. Alarmed, I called the groundsman Richard, only to discover that he was out of town, so I went in search for the Blue Crane couple, and thankfully discovered them with their little waddling chick.

I was very relieved to find the happy family, and took some photos with my cellphone and sent them off to Richard, Lynda, and posted on social. Lynda replied with the name Ice Chick, due to this little baby survived hail stones as large as golf balls which destroyed the roof of a loyal mall, the Key West, and not to forget the falling branches from the tree under which the nest was built as it was hit by the hail. Ice Chick, well that did have a nice ring to it. Mommy Blue crane is staying very close and not letting Ice Chick stray too far, whereas daddy is running interference to the other animals who wonder a little too close for comfort.

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