Thursday, 21 January 2016

Pap and Chuck

How can this be, when I am on a fast, Velile decides to bring some pap and chuck to work for lunch.

Pap is maize porridge, the staple food of many South Africans that is eaten in the place of rice. The word pap is a shorten word from the Afrikaans word mieliepap. Elsewhere in Africa it is called ugali, sadza, isitshwala, nsima, phaletshe, and banku but I can only talk about pap as it is the only word I know for it. Not sure about elsewhere in Africa, but here in South Africa, pap comes in three forms; slap pap or soft maize porridge, stywe pap or firm maize porridge, and krummelpap or phuthu or crumbly maize porridge.

Chuck steak which Velile is complaining about, is a way smaller portion than he usually gets. Chuck is a cut of soft beef steak from the shoulder blades, sometimes it has no bone but mostly it has a 7 shape bone.

On top of the pap and chuck is normally a tomato, onion and chilli sauce just to round off this traditional South African meal.

Oh well let me get back to my water before I start salivating.

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