Friday, 29 January 2016

Feel Like Dancing

Terrance, Velile, and I spent most of the morning assembling brand new communion trays for this evening’s Praise and Worship. Later Velile and I took the hundreds of new glasses to wash in the kitchen and what a mess did we make. During the wash process, both our partners phoned and both answered "hello babes, just washing some glasses". I think it was hard for them to believe that they found us in the kitchen, washing nogal.

In the end water was everywhere, Velile took his cellphone, put on the Leo Sayer's song "You make me feel like dancing", grabbed a mop and well, I'm a little embarrassed to say he started dancing. With moves like Jagger, Velile made short work of the wet floor. Let's hope his wife doesn't get to read this post, as she would now know his achilles heel and start playing 70s music to get him dancing around their house with a mop.

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