Sunday, 15 November 2015

Down By River

At the bottom of my garden is some veldt and a little beyond that is the Jukskei River. Now as you know by a previous post that our land is dying of thirst as the summer rains have been delayed by El Niño.

Thankfully we have a very deep borehole that is at least 50m below the Jukskei River and water table but the news around the country was that our countries reservoirs are nearly empty and that some boreholes are drying up, hence our walk down to the river to check on the water levels.

By the looks of it, the water level has dropped about 10cm since last month. The water is flowing strong but a few sandbars are starting to show but no concern for us just yet. When I can walk across here without getting wet then you will see me panic about our home water situation.

They say we need over 25mm of rain to help break the back of this drought. Substantial rain is only expected in March next year although we will get some storms between now and then, it will be too little too late.

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