Monday, 8 June 2015

Scarlet Fever

By missing a day from work last week, I am already finding myself behind on my work loads. But Monday has always been a busy day of the week for us and it didn’t help it at all by drifting in slightly late.

My excuse for my shoddy time keeping is that because I am recovering from my second bout of upper respiratory infection in the last four weeks I am trying to leave once the sun is up. Timing to the precision second is important. So dressing warm, as not to get a fever, I could make it to work in time on my Vespa Scarlet with at least a quarter of an hour to spare. Well not today.

Today I forgot that I needed fuel and arriving at the fuelling station just after seven in the morning only to find many others waiting in queue ahead of me. Bad planning on my side but it does help that I could leave work later than normal, thanks to my Vespa, and not suffer the rush hour.

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