Sunday, 21 June 2015

Father’s Day

Today has been set aside for fathers and although it is sad that my son could not spend the day with me due to exams, I did get to enjoy my day even though it is the shortest day of the year.

After a late wake up, we went off to the local Farmer’s Market which being a special day was overcrowded and we battled to find parking. This Landrover DJ 75 HF GP has a retarded handicapped driver because as you know stupid is a classified as a handicap in Johannesburg, and this driver has been certified by parking in the space reserved for emergency vehicles only. Who cares if the Farmer’s Market loses their trading licence due to one stupid 4x4 by far Landrover driver? It was so full today, if God forbid if a fire broke out or someone had medical emergency. Oh no, someone has blocked the emergency entrance, and the EMS and Fire Brigade could not respond quickly enough resulting in people dying. Who cares? Certainly not this driver.

Anyway we ended up at Norscott Manor for lunch as it was not as crowded on the green lawns. The food wasn’t as exotic as the markets but it was down to earth good enough.

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