Sunday, 8 February 2015

Rock Bottom

After a busy Saturday came the biggest fall to what could be the worst day of my year so far. Rock Bottom but let me start at the beginning.

Please note that I don’t drink alcohol when I go out partying and yesterday evening, all I had to drink was fizzy drinks. So in the early hours of this morning I woke with what I can describe as a rather full bladder but after going to the toilet several times, nothing came out. Now doing what most men would do, I decided to wait it out. The body can fix itself and if it gets worse I will go to the doctor on Monday or so I thought. But by mid morning it had gotten very painful and uncomfortable that I had to go to the emergency room so I jumped into a warm bath to freshen up.

While enjoying a soothing soak, cries came from outside from the dogs. Lynda hurried out to see what was going on, to find Jade my Italian Greyhound with her one paw in the air being chased by the neighbours pack of Jack Russells. Moments later the pack set upon Lynda biting and gnashing at her calves. Hearing her screams I jump out of my bath and rush out just as Lynda rushed in with her leg covered in blood screaming at me that the neighbours pack is attacking Jade. The pack dispersed as I approached. Expecting the worst, I sat down in the garden with Jade on my lap and started to examine her looking for any bite marks but found none although she was in a lot of pain. It was then that I noticed that her right front paw was protruding at 90 degrees to the rest of her leg. I was now in shock.

I was still in a lot of discomfort but held onto Jade carefully without moving her leg while bitten Lynda still covered in blood drove us to Lammermoor Veterinary Clinic. After dropping off Jade into the vet’s capable hands we rushed ourselves to the Olivedale Hospital. So there I am lying in one consulting room with a drip in my arm and diagnosed having very bad bladder infection with blood in urine, Lynda in another getting stitches, tetanus and rabies injections, while poor Jade got xrays. Both bones in her right leg had a clean lateral break. Thankfully no puncture wounds from dog bites which leaves us in the dark as to what actually happened.

The vet had to put poor Jade under general anaesthesia so that they could reset her leg. So as we recover from our war wounds, prayer is needed for Jade.

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