Sunday, 28 December 2014

Last Sunday

So this is it, the last Sunday of the year 2014 and as I head of to church to give thanks to God for His Grace I reflect back on this year.

This year has been a good year in terms of work, although it was sad leaving National Positions, I was blessed to land up at Bosasa early on in the year. But let me run through the highlights and lowlights. By low I mean very low, rock bottom. The year started off very bad for me with the lost of my beautiful whippet Skye which started me on this journey of recovery. O Siyeza Skye! Soon after this cut like a knife loss, Lynda broke her collar bone and got a metal plate inserted just to mess with the store security at all the clothing stores.

With our hectic schedules, Lynda and I decided to explore the meaning of life by joining an Alpha Course, my 3rd one but for Lynda her first. I am not sure if we managed to get to the bottom of the true meaning of life is all about but we did make awesome new friends such as Bob, Elaine, Eric, Francis, and not to miss Gwen. Then swish, life drifts on and Lynda got herself a new car. No more wet rides on the back of a Vespa for her. And next I knew Matthew was jetting to Thailand.

April was the start of a new chapter in my life, making new friends at Bosasa. After the bumpy start of the year, I was now standing back on my feet but the year was still flying. After pampering Lynda at a spa for her birthday, to meeting my cousin Kristine between her jet set life style. Custom Couches started taking off too while I got the rocket scarlet Vespa followed shortly by a Nespresso Inissia.

Midyear and Bosasa held its Imbizo, Matthew got a new bed, and we got new vinyl designs on our cupboards at work to help bring out our creativity and not get lost in the 1000 bike show with one bright red Vespa, Lynda and I hob knob’d with the posh and culturally astute by going to a concert recital by Zandile Mazazi. Then Merville died!

Merville just had to bring me back down to earth. No I haven’t got an email from Merville from heaven yet but I expect one long one soon as Merville mattered. Winter was a cold one but no snow as summer was soon here.

Matthew did a small internship programme at Bosasa which he loved and BBC started the new construction to expand the church while I spent 67 minutes in juvenile detention while planes started falling out of the skies and the zebras started a killing spree and before we knew it our roof above our heads was stolen.

Matthew’s schooling had a rocky start too but he ended up as one of the leading supporting roles in his school’s drama competition which they won. This I hope was the turnaround for him and I continue to pray for his future. I got new glasses which mean the future is much clearer now. We repainted our offices to bright new colours. Watched Nataniël blow us away and got a whole lot of new staff. We were moving forward while I was moving out. Well out of home that is as the Stoned Cottage was becoming hell because the landlord wanted to make our lives a misery.

My bother Anthony got married, while I had to slow down as thought I was having cardio issues turned out to be my spine so we took some small breaks to Nelspruit and Durban. Our new home is a much quieter place away from the noise and bustle of city life and before we knew it here we are at the end of the year, well just about...

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