Friday, 26 December 2014

Day of Goodwill

After a sweltering Christmas Day which left us praying for some cooling rain, our prayers were answered in the early hours of this morning with a raging thunderstorm that had me nearly declare abandoned ship and take to the life boats. We were hit twice by lightning as it crackled around our home and tripping the mains but we were safe inside our Faraday Cage.

Sometime during this frightful storm I must have fellen asleep only to wake to the sun trying to break into the stormy action of Lá an Dreoilín, so let the hunt of the wren begin. Boxing Day, St Stephen’s Day, Wren’s Day, Day of Goodwill, or whatever you may call today has started with this awesome sunrise under the storm clouds. So whatever you do on this second day of Christmas, crack open the traditional brandy, give the poor their Christmas boxes, put the cricket on the telly, do some discounted shopping, and please rather hunt some wrenboys than foxes on this Day of Goodwill.

Yes goodwill is for foxes too. So for foxes' sake, no more bloody Boxing Days!

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