Monday, 17 November 2014

Go Blonde or Go Home

They say that blondes have all the fun, is simply a matter of opinion but according to Rod Steward they do. It has nothing to do with having fun but science, plain and simply science tells us it is all up to the climatic conditions. Cold weather switches on the gene responsible for blondes. So why the obsession about blondes?

Before I continue, do I say blond or blonde? Well from what I have been taught since I was a young pup, is that both are correct in terms of the fair hair but the difference is in the gender. Blond is the masculine form of the feminine blonde. So I am a strawberry blond and she is a blonde even though I prefer a red head.

Anyway Pontsho turned up to work this morning with blonde hair, not natural of course but bottle blonde, a shock to the system I must say. Pontsho was hiding her hair under a doek as she is now having second thoughts. Well it is go blonde or go home as they say it.

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