Friday, 22 August 2014

Norma Jean

After Norma Jean was born last week Thursday, the baby springbuck was very scarce because she knew how to hide and keep out of sight from predators such as the prowling lions. I was starting to get worried that something tragic had happened to baby Norma Jean.

Yesterday just as the sun was setting I spotted the tiny little springbuck playing with her cousin who is double her size and a few weeks older. I watched her bouncing like springbucks tend to do and having so much fun. After a while she fed and went to hide in some long grass nearby.

Now I know where to look for little Norma, I can keep her under my watchful eye. So here is your first glimpse of 8 day old Norma Jean trying to get settled down behind some plants which are sheltering her from the icy wind which has blown up overnight.

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