Monday, 7 July 2014

Merville Mattered

This afternoon friends and family gathered to celebrate the life of Merville Le Roux who at the good age of 77 went to join his beloved Val in heaven last week. Here is Merville’s best friend Keith showing photos to Glen while Merville’s dog Waffles keeps looking out for his late owner who has gone home. Nearer. My God, to Thee, nearer to Thee!

Now for those who knew Merville would know that he was an interesting and unusual man who was at odds with just about everybody sometime in their life but since he became a Christian over 40 years ago he was unbending in his beliefs to a state of aggravation yet one of the most caring and compassionate man anyone ever knew.

It was quoted at this celebration of his life this afternoon that the level of frustration could not be measured yet all who stood up and recalled memories were choking back the tears. After his anchor, Val, left for heaven, things for Merville fell apart. From the lofty heights of the top of business to being rock bottom but not out as Merville still had God. This unwavering belief in God remained and his never say die kept Merville going and going and going. If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

Merville knew how to push your buttons with his long emails and only getting to the point right at the end of his message. So much so that I once threatened to put his email in my spam list just so I wouldn’t get his blunt, annoying emails. I can imagine I will be getting an email from him from heaven. Yet Merville with his big smile had so much empathy for the down and out as he without many worldly possessions went out of his way to help others with no thought about himself or praise from others. He mattered to many people who could not help themselves. You could say that his mantra was if your problems are too big than your God is too small as he left a legacy that everyone mattered.

Previous posts of Merville serving coffee, he was part of the Launch of Metal Cross, and then there is the Merville post which flooded the memories back and I battled to hold back the tears. Merville mattered.

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