Friday, 30 May 2014

The Scarlet Vespa

In the last two months Anastasiya, previously known as Sophia, has being performing a sterling job carrying to work and back from the Lion Park to Krugersdorp up that rather steep hill from Silverstar to Paardekraal. Although she wasn't struggling up the steep mountain cutting she would hold her speed at 60km/h and could do with more power, hence Scarlet.

I heard via the grapevine that Karen, a friend, was looking to sell her red Vespa 300ie GTS Super called Scarlet. Now I always wanted a Vespa 300 so I approached the bank and today Scarlet moved in next to Anastasiya as her stable mate.

I did a test to see how Scarlet would perform up that steep hill. From a standing start at Silverstar, Scarlet took off like a bat out of hell and within 50 metres uphill she had reached 80km/h. From here she slowly increased her speed to 100km/h by the time we reached the top. I must say not too shabby compared to the 60km/h of Anastasiya.

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