Sunday, 25 May 2014

Russians Dogs and Coke

I was told all about this President Hyper in Krugersdorp now that I am working this side of town. We decided to test all what we have been hearing about this supermarket in the west.

So arriving at noon, we found the place busy but not over crowded. One of the first things that caught my eye was this pre-packed meal of two Russian dogs and Coke. Not my cup of tea but a sure sign that we were way out of our depth culture wise. Welcome to the West Rand.

Another interesting find was that we saw this long queue at the delicatessen. After investigating we found that the servers was dishing up Sunday lunch of three vegetables, two meats and a salad of the customer’s choice. The unbelievable part was that the food was dished up onto ceramic plates, and then wrapped in glad-wrap all at a good price. I was wondering where did they sit and eat the Sunday lunch but this was for taking home. Well when in Rome, do what the Romans do, so we bought two plates for our lunch. Way too much food but good old fashioned Sunday roast which we enjoyed later at home.

We went in for a few items but came out with a trolley load. Over all the experience was a bit daunting as we were not used to the product placement and layout of the store but the aisles were wide, the prices very affordable, the selections wide, the service helpful, and we enjoyed ourselves well except for the fact that we couldn't use the Pick n Pay Shopper and the Vitality loyalty cards.

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