Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Marco Toilet

After all the sorrow over the last few days, let's get serious! Now why such a heading, Marco Toilet along with Marco having that look on his face? It can't be a new version of the game Marco Polo. Well the story goes like this, Marco decided that he needed to use the bathroom and when he locked the door behind him, the key broke and he found himself incarcerated inside the toilet cubicle.

I am not sure how loud he shouted for help or how hard did he bang on the door because we heard nothing back in the office, nor did any alarm bells ring that he was missing in action, excuse my pun, so no search parties were sent out.

Marco, states that it must have been between 15 to 30 minutes before anyone heard his cries for help and came to investigate. Here is the recently released prisoner pointing to the offending toilet door that had him under lock and key.

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