Thursday, 19 September 2013

Robynne and Marco

Okay first some feedback from yesterday's post. Warren, who claimed to be the store manager of Epsom Downs Pick n Pay phoned to apologise and to give his side of the story. The aisle shown in yesterday's photo is the aisle which the staff are busy in re packing the shelves and that is why it looked like it did. The packers must have already gone home and left all the price tags scattered all over the floor with empty boxes and crates lying about. As for the no plastic bags in the entire store, well that was not correct as they did according to Warren have plastic bags at the back. Well what good are they in the back when none of the tills had bags to place the groceries in. Warren also stated on the phone that when he heard that someone (us) was making a noise about the store not having plastic bags, he tried to find us to offer us an alternate but we had already left. Uhmmm, ja right.

He did say that he will get the packers to clean up after them and refund us the money we had to spend to buy alternate bags to put our shopping in. So we have to go back although we afraid to but not today as we have guests over for dinner which was the reason why we had to make an unscheduled stop at a Pick n Pay.

Here is Robynne, Lynda's daughter and her fiancé Marco. Dinner was sweet buttered chicken on rice with vegetables plus yummy dessert. Now I am ready for bed.

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