Sunday, 30 June 2013

Stuck in Soweto

Gary and I with our sons, Brandon and Matthew, spent the day in Soweto playing Ingress and at the same time teaching our children the Freedom Charter. We started our Soweto Ingress at Orlando Towers which are just inside Soweto and where all the action takes place, such as bungee jumping and free falling. From here we popped into Maponya Mall for suggesting some portals before heading for Freedom Square in Kliptown.

Many portals were sent to Google for approval while we were in Kliptown. From here we headed for Vilikazi Street but via Regina Mundi church, the queen church of Soweto. Numerous portals in Soweto fell to the Resistance today.

Just as we were leaving Soweto, we stopped in at Soccer City for a few more portals but that is where calamity befell us. Somehow we locked the keys inside the car. Oh no.

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