Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Zulu Warrior

The call goes out from the Enlightened "Resistance is futile", but I decided to make my stand against alien infiltration so I have joined the Resistance to protect the humanity at Ingress.

After basic training I started feeling my way around NianticLabs@Google's Ingress reality and found a portal within walking distance from my office. Thankfully the Zulu Warrior portal was in the Resistance hands already. Although still on Level 1, by end of the day I hacked into 3 Resistance held and 1 Enlightened Portals, and placed 2 resonators. Not bad for my first day but I have a long slog to go.

To join you are going to need the tools, which mean firstly you are going to need an Android OS device such as a smart phone or tablet. Hopefully once Google takes it out of Beta they will release a iOS version for Apple devices but in the meantime sorry for you. Then you will need to go to www.ingress.com to request an invite and then off to the Google Play Store to download the Ingress App onto your device.

Once you have been invited you will be asked to join either the Enlightened or the Resistance. I looked at it this way; the Shapers are like the Borg with their full frontal assault "We are the Borg. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile." Or like the visitors from the TV series V who pretended to be friends and claimed to want to share their advanced technological and medical knowledge. And we all know how both the Borg and the reptile Visitors turned out to be.

So because of this I decided to join the new Fifth Column, the Resistance. Who is going join the Zulu Warriors to resist the invaders?

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