Friday, 15 March 2013

Boksburg North Police Station

Going to the East Rand is a risk in the first place but I had to go pick up Matthew for the weekend. On the way there, I stopped at Nandos at the Westwood Shopping Centre in Boksburg for supper with my friend Edmund. While we were finishing up Edmund looked up and asked why that car’s alarm was blaring, it is was my car. Not thinking anything wrong, I went out to turn it off but as I walked up another car that was next to mine sped off. Still not thinking much about it I turned the alarm off and back on but the alarm peeped that the a door was open and that was when it hit me. My car was in the process of been stolen and with me walking out, I had spooked the thieves.

Nothing was stolen from the car but the door locking mechanism on the driver's side was damaged so much that I now can’t use the key or the remote to lock it. I had to go to the police station at Boksburg North to report it so that I could get a case number for the insurance. I am not sure what the cost of repairing the damage but it may be less than my access. Anyway I must say that at first I was a little scared to go to a police station on the East Rand, with all the cases of police brutality but I found the Boksburg North police very efficient and I walked out within 20 mins, even got the case number SMSed to me on the drive back home to the Northern Suburbs.

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