Monday, 18 February 2013

No Rain

Wow, the South African Weather Bureau got it so wrong today. They are still predicting No Rain with extremely uncomfortable hot days for today and tomorrow. No rain for Johannesburg, then what was that afternoon thunderstorm then? The storm had past when I made my dash for home after work from Houghton but got as far as Woodmead when I caught up to the storm again so I had to stop and don my rain gear but by the time I reach Kyalami, I was on the other side of the storm. On the Vespa with the visor, meant that the warm rain wasn't that bad, I just had to keep a wary eye open for lightning.

Once safely home, I took this photo of a rain storm in the distance moving north east. No rain today, Mrs Jones, no rain. Tomorrow will be the same with temperatures reaching 32˚C.

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