Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Bulgarian Colours

It seems that Bulgaria has crossed my path yet again. First it was Maia and her Land of the Roses in 2007. Back then in the first year of this blog, I did not do any write ups, simply a photo a day but here are the links, Bulgaria, The Land of Roses and Bulgarian Evening. In the latter link is a colourful place mat from Bulgaria set out before me during an evening with Maia, and today are colourful ear rings.

The ear rings are modelled by Noma, who bought them when she used to live in Sofia while on a contract in Bulgaria. My friend Maia, said both wonderful and depressing things about her homeland. She called it the land of roses and at the same time it has become this depressing grey shell after communism and state controlled church. Since part of the European Union, Bulgarian youth flock to the Western Europe for better work. Noma is from the Eastern Cape of South Africa and described it the best, Bulgaria is the Eastern Cape of Europe. Poor and no jobs but there is beauty if you care to look.

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