Wednesday, 16 January 2013

She Speaks

After work, I went around to the Donald Gordon Hospital to visit my sister, Theresa, after her operation yesterday evening. Before I went I was brushing up on understanding sign language as I was not sure if Theresa would be able to speak. The surgeons had removed her entire diseased thyroid and close by are the vocal cords which can easily be damaged.

On arriving, I was so relieved that Theresa could speak and boy didn't she stop talking. They have moved her from High Care to the General Wards which is a good sign or maybe it was because she was talking too much. I enjoyed my conversation with her as we continued chatting on and on until her supper arrive.

Next came the bonus, Theresa is starting to eat solid food after many months on a liquid diet. The starter was vegetable soup which she sipped half of the bowl before nibbling on the cottage pie and cauliflower. After a mouthful of each item except the potatoes, she was full. After some more talking, she then proceeded to polished off the jelly and custard. Although only a little bit of solid food was eaten, the good news is that she is now able to swallow even though with a bit of pain. Not only does she speaks but she eats too!

The doctors say that if her swelling goes down she can be discharged tomorrow and Theresa is looking forward to that.

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Momcat said...

Well done Theresa! Glad to hear everything went well and you are on the mend...!

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