Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Mark and the Leopard

Nice title for this blog if I may say so myself. It was our biggest turnout to Home Circle tonight where us homies where outnumbered by the newbies. Yes we just about doubled in size tonight. Here is Mark sitting under the awesome painting of a leopard. I have known Mark and Sue for a long time now but it is their first time to our Home Circle, so welcome and too the other two couples.

News on Matthew, well he has been booked off school till Friday which doesn't make me happy as I believe in High School every day missed makes it harder to catch up and understand the rest. But I must relent as health is more important. For the next two days Matthew will be undergoing a battery of test at the cardiologist.

Good news from my sister Theresa, she came up from Nelspruit for a follow-up after they removed her entire thyroid just over two weeks ago because of Hashimoto's Disease. All is looking well even though her throat is still very sore and making it difficult to eat solids. The doctor said it will take up three months to heal and that she must not rush eating solids.

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