Monday, 14 January 2013

In Spite of Ourselves

I had a wonderful nothing much planned but always on the go weekend. I felt well rested this morning. But around me it was not so rosy. One work colleague had a weekend from hell and my sister, she is not having a good time.

Well for my sister Theresa, it has not been going well for some time now. Last year after battery upon battery of tests she was finally diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease. She has gone from about my size to just bones with skin hanging off. Hashimoto is an auto immune disease of the thyroid, not hypothyroidism which is a condition, this is a disease. It is on the opposite of Graves’s disease on the scale of auto immune thyroid diseases. The many doctors and specialists that she has seen can’t or won’t help Theresa and one has openly told her that there is nothing that they can do until her thyroid dies, that is if she lives that long.

After scouring the internet for help, the family found a doctor in Johannesburg who does the operation so last month Theresa came up and saw her. The specialist only deals with children with thyroid problems and after looking at my sister, she was shocked that none of the previous doctors were willing to help so she found a surgeon who was already on his summer vacation but he came in and saw my sister. So tomorrow my sister is having the operation to remove the diseased thyroid.

So the sun sets on another weekend, I ask my readers to pray for her, the family and the surgeon. In spite of ourselves, God has blessed us to be a blessing to others.

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