Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Almost Heat Wave

Well I do believe that there was a heat wave in Johannesburg today. Well I didn't feel a thing as I was cooped up in an air conditioned office doing some catch-up. From what I can see from the weather service, the temperature was only 32˚C and in order to be called a heat wave the temperatures have to be 5˚ higher than the expected average for the month and have to last more than 3 days.

Well the expected average for January is 29˚C and it is only day two of this sizzling heat. So no heat wave yet and I expect it will get hotter before the rains come to cool the city down.

Now at home it is a different story, no air con, oh dear, I better get a fan or two up and running. Here is a photo from my computer at home through the blinds towards the setting sun. I took it while on the phone with my son, Matthew. He started High School today and he said that he enjoyed his day even with his blazer on. Well I pray that this will be a positive time for Matthew, as he learns and grows.

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