Thursday, 15 November 2012


As I walked out of my office after a busy day at work, into a beautiful summer’s afternoon, I thought to myself what a stunning afternoon to let go to waste. So I mounted my Vespa, and did a photo ride looking for Jacarandas down into Forest Town and beyond. I stopped every now and then, taking in the sweat purple smells of Jacarandas mixed with the busyness of life on going. Such as this maid wearing pink shoes, walking the dogs along a Jacaranda lined street in Killarney.

After a number of violent hail storms damaged the purple buds of the Jacaranda trees, the full blooms have been sparse and it is rare to find but some I did. Eventually, I found myself back home with a glass of red wine watching another awesome sunset. From purple to burnt orange, this has been a good afternoon.

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