Monday, 12 November 2012

Full of Beans

Monday started with the empty fuel light coming on while riding my Vespa to work. I had to stop and fill up. I never like using BP or Shell because of their bad environmental and exploitative track record, mind all oil companies fall into this category but in my books these two are the worst. Anyway the first other garage was a Sasol one on Rivonia, so I pulled in and filled my tank with 6.66 litres of fuel. Oh dear 666, what an ominous start to the Monday.

Nothing bad actually happened today eve with the ominous start. One event which stands out is the arrival of Marcio and his Full of Beans mobile coffee vending 3 wheeler bike called Mobean 1. One interesting thing about the Mobean 1 is that it runs on a biodiesel engine. I wrote a full write up is the Mobean 1 on the Posers Scooter Club blog for those who would like to find out more about this cute Piaggio APE.

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