Friday, 27 July 2012


Men don't do pink drinks. That is what my mamma taught me so how did I end up with a pink drink in my hand and Noma having this look of horror.

My Friday started with me taking Skye and Jade to my local vet to have the big snip. I was very concerned about Jade as she is a very small Italian Greyhound. So throughout the day my thoughts were on Jade. Late in the afternoon, we had a work function at Moyo, an African Restaurant and not wanting to drink anything, I decided I would have a non alcoholic cocktail, so I ordered a strawberry daiquiri without the liquor but it is sad to say that Moyo could not make it, so Richard ordered a Cosmopolitan for me. There you see, I didn't order the pink drink although I did man up and drunk the cosmopolitan.

I didn't stay long and soon found myself in the rush hour traffic heading to the vet to pick up my dogs. I am happy to report that Skye and Jade are recovering nicely.

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