Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Amma, ammi, em, ma, maa, mam, mama, maman, mami, mamma, mammy, mata, mom, momma, mommy, mother, mum, mummy, oma and ummi, are many words used for mothers. Excuse me if I missed a few but I am sure my readers will come up with many more. Anyway why this post? Well this past Saturday my mother rushed up from Nelspruit to admit my step dad into hospital at Montana to see a vascular surgeon. And while he is in hospital my mother is staying with her brother-in-law.

Pretoria is becoming very confusing place with all the latest street name changes to people I don't even know. They are not even famous, just some friends of the cronies in local government. I wonder how Tshwane municipality can afford all this with them being so close to bankruptcy. Well my mom was getting so hopelessly lost and she urgently called out for help this morning as she didn't know how to get back to the hospital. So up I rushed to Pretoria to help. You know men never ask for directions, we just find our way. It was a brief visit and so far it looks like today's surgery was successful.

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