Thursday, 10 May 2012


Lost? Well I am not lost. I know exactly where I am. I am here right here and that is... uhmm here. Yes I am not lost but I nearly lost my mind this evening. This is the sequence of my evening events.

I arrived home after a long day at work, mentally exhausted but relieved that the day is over. Fed the dogs and then made them comfortable for the night. Once the dogs were settled inside I secured the cottage for the evening then walked into my lounge and turned the television on for the first time since Sunday.

Now I didn't feel like cooking for one so I took out one of my emergency TV dinners for one out the freezer and popped it into the microwave. A few steps from the kitchen I found myself in my office where I switched on the computer and one of the external hard drives for storing my photographs. Remembering that I need to recharge my internet bundle I pulled out my 3G modem went back to the kitchen to put on the kettle and retrieve my dinner from the microwave, I then flopped on the couch. Yes flopped where else are you supposed to eat TV dinners? Okay to redeem myself the TV was on mute and I was answering a few text messages while eating dinner. But my tranquil dinner was interrupted when my friend Veressa phoned and we chatted for a quite while about rescued Greyhounds from the townships that were so badly mistreated. All the while my half eaten TV dinner was getting cold. I am not blaming my friend at all because I enjoyed our chat and afterwards I did try to phone another friend Ruan but got voice mail. Back to my dinner and text messages.

After dinner while still on the couch I set out to recharge my internet account. BUT this is when panic struck. I could not find my 3G modem. It should be where I normally would have put it but it wasn't. I looked in the normal places then started to get desperate. I retraced all my steps since arriving home and nada, nothing. So I made myself some coffee, dished up some yogurt and relaxed for a while on the couch hoping that the obvious will jump out and bite me but everywhere that came to mind didn't discover the lost modem. Now I was making plans how to post to my blog over the coming weekend.

After coffee and dessert, I sent a silent prayer heavenwards and started moving everything around and FOUND. The tiny 3G modem had fallen between the cushions of the couch even when I looked there earlier it was only found after prayer. What was lost is now found, sigh! Thus was my evening. Maybe I am losing my mind, well how can I lose something when I never had it to start with.

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