Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Skinny Malinky

Theresa, my sister, has a health problem that has crept in recently. She hasn't been able to eat solid food for over a week now. And this has resulted in the weight melting off her body. The doctors diagnosed Sjogren Syndrome, it is when the immune system starts to attack the salivary glands, tear ducts, and mucous membranes, but now she can't swallow at all so she sits all day sipping liquids battling to get it down. She is waiting for the specialist in Johannesburg to come back from his Christmas holidays so she can undergo an investigatory operation to find the cause.

I spent the last few days with her, although we had fun, I can see that she is suffering and she is getting thinner and thinner and soon there will be not much left of skinnymalinks. Let's pray that the specialist can see Theresa soon. be able to correctly diagnose her problem and that she can get better soon.

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