Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The End is Naai

According to stand up comedian, Mark Sampson, if the End is Naai, then the Afrikaners would be looking forward to it while us English are well in a pickle aren't we.

Tonight Craig had invited a few friends to the Theatre on the Square to watch a comedian that even I have never heard of. Who the heck is Mark Sampson, another Trevor Noah? Well off I went, not sure what to expect from what I’ve been told about this Green Comedy called Africa Clockwise. And walking into the theatre and seeing all the geriatrics out numbering us middle aged folk didn’t help at all. Are they here to learn how to turn back the clock as their time is near midnight?

Press, media, friends and grandparents night must be a hard audience for a standup to well stand up. But Mark Sampson pulled off a hilarious evening of standup comedy, well that was after climbing over all the walkers parked in the aisles. Mark had us rolling with laughter as we learnt how to be Warriors and to whatsup the Wasters with a W sign. I can now see all these geriatrics hobbling up to a large Sandton 4x4 and spraying out "We're Walker Worriers and you are Wasters". Well memory is not their strong point but they get the hand sign Wright I'm sure.

Next year in April, I think, Mark is going to pack up his family into a green groot trok and go off the grid into darkest Africa. By doing Africa clockwise he hopes to learn and teach on how Africans can live without Eishkom and be richer for it. So before he goes, make sure you get to see him on stage and of course any sponsors for the trip are welcome.

Earth will survive global warming, it is us humans who don't know how to be rich that won't. Live Long and Prosper.

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Mark Sampson said...

Thanks for the support Jerome
May your blog live as long as the Sandton geriatrics!
To infinity and beyond!

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