Thursday, 4 August 2011

Lunch with Maddog

With my contract officially over and just one more getting ready day until the Great Sani Vespa Adventure begins, it was rush rush rush. Edmund came with me to drop of the bulky gear in Benoni so that the support vehicles can take it with them rather than us carrying it on the Vespas. On the way back we stopped at Jumper's Lair to speak with Darren aka Maddog about some potential photographic work. Today's photograph is of Maddog sharing some pizza with us as we discuss the future. You may not recognize him in his casual clothes as some of you have only known him wearing camo and carrying a rifle.

The weather forecast for Saturday and Sunday is predicting rain, not good as we planning to summit the Drakensberg on Sunday which means snow at the top. Let's hope that the pass stays open. Well I have never ridden a Vespa in snow so it will be my first. Maybe I am just mad but it will be fun.

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