Thursday, 28 July 2011

Educating Dr Ted

At first I thought of naming this post Visitor 17 and 18 because Ted aka Dr Ted from his blog Dr Ted's Divorce Adventure and Sandor came visiting this evening thereby becoming my 17th and 18th visitors to my cozy cottage in Treesbank. Ted is in the market for an entry level DSR camera and he is not sure which way to go. So this evening Sandor, who swears by Nikon and me, the Canon man, was giving Ted the opportunity to play with the different cameras. Ted has already done his research on the specs but to have the different cameras in his hand, getting the feel of the two different camera makes was just what the doctor ordered for Dr Ted. Here is to Ted's decision of camera, no matter what it is.

1 comment:

Dr Ted said...

Both were interesting an so were the cameras!
It was informative. Enjoyable, and an evening of camaraderie. Thank Gents

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