Sunday, 10 July 2011

She's Real

Yes I even touched her, well just to make sure she wasn't a cardboard cutout. Martijn, a good friend's younger brother, for a long time had a girlfriend that no-one ever met. All we got to see was a few grainy images of her on his phone and we used to rag him that we hope her name didn't end in .jpeg. Friends can be cruel.

After Martijn's brother Nic and his family emigrated to that other American state north of the border Martijn and I also became good friends and as time goes on its busy path we saw less of each other, other than an occasional passing in the social media passageways. So today surprise of all surprises Martijn and Melissa walked into our last day of our photographic exhibition at the arts hotel in downtown Johannesburg.

Yes when I saw them holding hands briefly, I had to stop and ask them to do it again just to make sure that I saw right. From the brief time spent with them this afternoon I must say she is a nice lady. Nic my friend, you will approve and of course her name doesn’t end in .jpeg.


martijn said...

Haha, Thanks for the compliment bro, but I'm actually older than Nic.

Jerome West said...

I wonder why I thought you were the younger sibling? Uhmm maybe it was because you were still single and having too much fun while Nic already had a whole tribe.

Nic Vreugde said...

.jpeg, wow I like that one! I am happy to here that she seems nice.

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