Thursday, 21 July 2011

Chef Paulo

I am well on the road to recovery. It has been a hard long road of coughing but I am sure not for long as this third course of antibiotics is much stronger. This evening I joined Martin, Magda and Paulo for a magnificent home cooked dinner of an excellent Spaghetti Bolognese, thanks Magda, and a wonderful salad, thanks Paulo. I took Paulo's photo while he rolled up his sleeves and started making the wonderful salad; I never thought I would hear myself say a salad was wonderful but there I did. I must be getting old and girls, now you know that Paulo is good in the kitchen.

Dinner was to discuss and plan the upcoming Vespa Ride to Sani. Us four are going ride down to the Southern Freestate on the Friday. On the Saturday we are going to ride through the Golden Gate and around to Underberg via Bergville. At the same time the support vehicles with the other Vespas on trailers will be leaving Pretoria and Johannesburg for Underberg. Sunday Paulo and Martin will head back to Johannesburg while the rest of us will do the odd 10km up Sani Pass on our Vespas. Monday we will be doing the Roof of Africa road but I think it will be in the support vehicles. On Thursday it will be the long slog back to Johannesburg and Pretoria. I am starting to look forward to it as the trip is only 2 weeks away.

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