Saturday, 19 February 2011

Scooter Rally and a Congolese Wedding

A busy Saturday and a need to keep to the music theme which I started last night made me choose this photo over many over good ones. It was one taken while waiting for a French speaking Congolese pastor. Half asleep, I crawled out of bed this morning to join 5 other Vespas to ride out to the SA Scooter's Rally being held over the weekend at Hartesbeespoort Dam. It was a good start to the day, on Sophia and in the countryside. I left the rally early because I was the second shooter at a Congolese wedding which supposed to start at 2pm but the pastor only turned up at 3pm. Now I've never heard of a pastor holding up a wedding for over an hour. The bride was waiting in the car downstairs for the pastor to arrive while the groom was with me in the chapel. I think the bride was crying. If I was the best man I would have dropped the big headed pastor and used the one all ready at the venue. Tardiness does not rank very well in my books.

It was late and by the time we needed to do the formal photos, the rain was falling. The formal photos were planned to be held at the Botanical Gardens at Emmarentia but because of the rain this was scrubbed and Craig suggested under the bridge in Newtown with all the graffiti. So there we where in Newtown, it is raining, and we are under a highway bridge with a strong smell of urine taking wedding photos. The bride with her white wedding dress was starkly contrasted against the bright colours of the urban graffiti art. Anyway the wedding photos turned out great.

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