Thursday, 17 February 2011

Kya Sands

Dirk asked me sometime ago if we could do a photowalk into an informal settlement. This is not easy nor safe as firstly you have to get permission from the residents. My two friends from the States, Dwight and Shelly do intensive work at Kya Sands Informal Settlement which was one of the epicentres of the xenophobia during the last two years. Since they have been accepted by the community, I asked them if they could take a few of us in for a photowalk. You can see that both Dwight and Shelly are very much liked in the community. For more images check out my FB album.

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Dylan said...

Hi Jerome,

Cool post. I am preparing to do research in Kya Sands Informal Settlement towards my masters in town planning at Wits. I wonder if you could out me into contact with your friends Dwight and Shelly who work in the community?

My e-mail address is

Thanks a lot,
Dylan Weakley

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