Sunday, 12 September 2010

Max and Patch

It was overcast this morning but the sun soon made short work of it and there was no rain in sight. It was a lovely day to sit in the garden and relax but I was in bed with a queasy stomach and headache. I did crawl out of bed just to enjoy the garden a bit with Maxy and Patch, our Italian Greyhounds.


Duane said...

Hay Jerome... My naam is Duane en yea weet dis betjie random ma eke het op jou site afgekom toe eke vir Laurike Rauch songs gesoek het. Ma wou ma net se jy's okay en dis cul dat jy jou hele lewe so op jou blogs neer le.. ma my e-mail is af jy ooit wil chat lol jame dis nogal random ma het ma gedink eke sas jo 'n bookskapie stuur.

Mariposa said...

so cute!

DIANE said...

Hi Jerome, I get a daily feed of all things "IG" from google and your wonderful blog popped-up!
i recognised your name as you got young Maxi from us a couple of years ago. My name is Diane; my family and i emigrated to NZ and my beloved IG's had to be found homes. I am Sooooo pleased that Patch found his way to you guys- i can see he could not want for a better home - all three boys look to be great companions! thank you Jerome for caring for Patch! We are back in joburg now and have 3 igs- once you've had an ig life is just not the same without them!
i was amused to read that your trying to get them both on the vespa! when patch was a puppy the kids used to tow him on a minisurfboard in the pool - he just took it in his stride - a very special placid doggie- pls give him a big hug from all of us!

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