Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Brothers Day

Oh dear, as you can see I need way more practice doing selfies as this photo from my front facing camera is terrible but because it is the only one I took today it just has to do. I think I better clean my lens or stop shaking, not that I am improving as a photographer.

Arriving at Metalcross this morning, Frank proudly informed me that today is Brothers Day and since we were brothers from another mother, a selfie was called for.


Kerayzee said...

hey Jerome! how are you? I've been missing from the blogging world for some time but it's great to see that you are still blogging. :)

-Mariposa (i changed my nick to Kerayzee)

Jerome West said...

Wow, yes it has been a long time Kerayzee. As you can see I am still taking daily photos but time management just to find time to post is a problem.

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