Thursday, 2 March 2017

Use some Petrol

What the hell, this was my response when an employee of Tiger Wheel & Tyre went off to get some petrol to clean the battery terminals.

Let me start from the beginning... Lynda’s car started getting a battery problem, so I picked her car up and took it to Tiger Wheel & Tyre in Woodmead for a new battery. The first part of buying the battery was good but when it came to installing it, the employee didn’t have the right tools for the job and was away for some time before arriving with another employee from the wheel alignment section with some spanners.

Both of them started to take off the old battery and put in the new one. I then commented to them if it is possible to clean the accumulated acid on the positive battery clamp. It was then when one of them said he was going to get some petrol (gas for my American readers) to clean the acid off. What the hell, I had to stop them, did they want the car to go the way of a Ford Kuga (Escape), up in flames at the first spark. Not very impressed Tiger Wheel & Tyre!

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