Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Goodbye Sophia

News came in today, that Sophia had died. First it was a phone call from Bruce breaking the sad news then later a full debriefing from Andrew at Vespa South Africa. It seems that while riding Sophia home a few weeks ago, a value broke and fell into the piston which in turn damaged the inside of Sophia’s motor. Although I don't have the quote to get Sophia back up and running, the estimate repair cost is getting close to replacement costs.

In this time of mourning I have to think about different options going forward but now all I have is Sophia on my mind and all the adventures we shared. Sophia will be hard to replace as she was a legend with trips around South Africa that would deter even seasoned bikers. Her crowning achievement was to be part of a group of Vespas that summited the Sani Pass in the middle of winter and then to race across the Roof of Africa. This Vespa had wings. May she continue chasing butterflies on that rolling road in the clouds.

It is like there is a hole in my heart.

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