Thursday, 17 May 2012

Metal Cross Vehicle Makeover Clinic

Today I became legal. When I was a school kid I did my driver's learner licence test for both a motorcycle and car but only did my car driver's licence and sadly allowed my bike learners to expire not thinking that I would ever need it again.

That was many moons ago and since I got Sophia we have been doing some defensive riding, well not the Search, Identify, Predict and Act as they teach you in Driving School but the Search, Identify and Avoid the Metro Cops. And we did a fairly good job at that because I felt that been licensed to drive a car should cover a bike as well. Why am I telling you this? Well I let the Poser's Scooter Club down because this afternoon I sat for my licence and passed with flying colours. Now I am licensed to ride Sophia for the next two years but why wait, I went straight from the Randburg Licence Department to the Randburg Testing Station and booked my Drivers Licence Test.

After that I headed home but got a little side tracked by stopping off at Art & Décor, and then further down the road I stopped at Metal Cross Vehicle Makeover Clinic in Fourways to see my good friend Frank who I haven't seen for yonks. As you can see in today's photo he was happy to see me too. Frank runs this awesome vehicle makeover clinic where he takes out the knocks and scratches that your car gets in its day to day life. It was a short chat as he was busy as ever then I was off again. Before finally arriving home I did a brief stop at Scoots for some hot chocolate then home.

Now I am licensed to ride so keep off the pavements.

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