Sunday, 22 July 2018

Fire, Fire, Fire!

While we were out searching for a traditional bobotie spice mix at local super markets to use for supper, we got a call from our neighbour the there was a veldt fire heading our way, so we rushed home to find the fire at our boundary wall. 

Along with all the neighbours, we kept a watchful eye on the veldt fire, making sure that it wouldn't pose a danger to any of the residences along the edge of the veldt. While the fire moved up the valley, I took a walk down wind to seek the the source of the fire. As expected I found that the fire started from an abounded camp fire hastily dosed with water. Below is the source, the pilgrims who made this fire must have done a hasty retreat as they left a number of their belongings behind. 

This is the reason why we don't need pilgrims camping over night in the veldt. Other than a security risk, they cut down indigenous tress for fire wood such as the protected Protea tree. There is also the litter and fire risk problem associated with camping. We have also found snares in the area which could only be from the pilgrims as bush meat is a delicacy to them. Yet nothing is being done to stop the pilgrims coming into the area.

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